OSS/ANDORWITH 7'0" Pancake Pin mellow yellow


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Classic retro shaped Mid length Pancake Pin straight from the 1960's, hand shaped by Jarryd Watson from Ocean Street Shapes Miami, Queensland in collaboration with Andorwith designer Daniel. 

Each board is cut, planed, shaped, glassed, sanded and polished by hand -one by one- making these boards some of the finest hand made crafted surfboards going around.

 Incorporating elements of design from the period which followed the 67 Vee Bottom Period, The Pancake Pin is built for that down the line speed, tight trim and tight pocket surfing. It’s a modern twist and far more manageable take on the Displacement hull making it a great board in a large variety of waves in all conditions. 

Minimal rocker, flat entry in the nose, subtle single through the guts into a pin tail. Mid or semi full rail maintains foam where you need it and shaves it where you don’t. plenty of foam under the chest for paddle power and a flat deck assist with that stability and control. The Pancake Pin will have you flying in the smaller stuff or styling top to bottom in the big stuff. It’s a must have in any quiver.


Available for order in 6’6 to 8’0 but at its best from 7’2 to 7’11

best run with either a 9" or 10" daisy vee fin positioned under foot


7'0" x 20 1/4" x 2 5/8"