Endless Summer

This collection 'Endless Summer' is inspired by my favourite surf movie of the same name 'The Endless Summer' which was filmed in 1966; an era from which I have taken great inspiration from! If your not familiar with the movie.. you have been living under a rock! It follows two young surfers who travel around the world surfing; chasing the ultimate endless summer! ahhh does that sound good or what?!

When I first saw this movie when I was about 15 I instantly fell in love! What a magic thing to do. To see the world, surf all the best surf breaks, experience different cultures, all while the sun is on your back! can I get a yeeeeeeew!

Thus I have taken a nostalgic nod to this era this season by infusing lightweight and comfortable materials, with dusty, earthy, summery colour tones, our trademark pops of bright colour and heaps of flowers and floral to ensure you catch the 60's/70's vibe!

So be a ray of sunshine to someone, because you're not sure if they are having a rainy day. And stop! Smell the flower's, lay in the sand, surf all day, walk barefoot, be present at sunset, dance with your friends, and love your family & one another!