OSS/ANDORWITH 9'4" Lady Mustard Blue/Purple swirl


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Classic log straight from the 1960's, hand shaped by Jarryd Watson from Ocean Street Shapes Miami, Queensland in collaboration with Andorwith designer Daniel. 

No nose concave, subtle roll and a healthy amount of tail lift. The recipe for a perfect log that will nose ride then bank a turn without force. Its narrow through the front end with low hips and a slightly tucked in tail. A flat deck with all the rocker happening in the bottom of the board.  A flat nose to keep things fun, blending into soft roll for speed and stability which extends into  touch of Vee in the tail while the semi pinch rails will have you banking turns from the middle of the board. The Lady Mustard is the perfect board for styling through the points or some quick footed beachies. 

“Loose in the tail end, Fast and controlled through the guts while holding tight perched in 10” 

Available for order from 9,0 to 9,11

Best suited with the ocean street log fin tucked up the back of the box


9'4" x 23" x 3"