Feelings of Nostalgia

This collection 'Feelings of Nostalgia' is inspired by the notion of dreaming about happy times in your life, in order to make you smile and laugh! May that be triggered by looking through old photo albums, reminiscing about some ultimate road trips with family and friends or some of those weekends spent outdoors in the warm winter sun or embracing the winter rain on your face.

This season we have infused heavyweight and comfortable materials, with 1970’s inspired colour tones- think neutral/naturals- cream, brown and pink and pops of bright colour – orange, purple, green & cranberry - to brighten up your day!

So what’s the message behind this? To us- Be in the present, acknowledge when you are in a special moment- take it all in! Or if you aren’t having a good day today.. reflect on those times when you were and turn that frown upside down!