My Brother, My Sister

This collection is inspired by humankind’s need to come together as one for the greater good of our whole species and for the health of our mother earth. 

We're in this together. It’s up to all of us to make the world a better place for our children and their children’s children. For the future.

We all bleed the same blood, we are all equal; no matter our race, sex, creed or culture. We are all common people with common dreams. We are all brothers and sisters. 

You are my brother, my sister.

Andorwith is all about this type of thinking. However, only now, at the start of 2020 amidst a crisis, are people only truly realising how connected we really are. Realising that united together, we can achieve the impossible and make a real change for the better.

Thus we have infused warm wintery materials, with subtle colour tones and pops of bright colour to lighten up people’s days. To keep you warm on the inside and on the outside. To encourage people to communicate, to live life to the fullest and give service to others. To surf all day, to bask in the sunlight, to be kind, to love one another.